Different types of uses of copyrighted works in shared online videos.

Aufderheide and Jaszi (2008) compiled a list of 8 types of uses of copyrighted works in online videos.

 1)Parody and satire, 2) negative or critical commentary, 3) positive commentary, 4) quoting to trigger discussion, 5) illustration or example, 6) incidental use, 7) personal reportage or diaries, 8) Archiving of vulnerable or revealing materials, 9)pastiche or collage

In my PhD proposal, I said I could use this list to start my analysis on how and why people share online videos. I did not use it to start, but now looking back at the data from the interviews, several types are much the same.

Here are some examples from the interviews (since they were in French, I will translate the best quotes) : Online videos are shared on Facebook to comment on a political situation. Viewing video together with friend triggers discussion on new topics. Instead of trying to explain something complicated, one can simply show a video in order to illustrate a point. Creating and sharing online video have similarities, since they are both part of today culture.

“Online video making is part of a much larger process in which the people formerly known as audiences of mass media or consumers of popular culture are asserting themselves as participants in culture-making”.(Aufderheide, 2008, p.5). Sharing content on social network site is also part of culture-making.



Aufderheide, P., & Jaszi, P. (2008). Recut, Reframe, Recycle: Quoting Copyrighted Material in User-Generated Video (p. 1-20): Center for Social Media.


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