Questions to ask yourself before writing an analysis chapter

As I was confused about (and procrastinating) what to do exactly in the analysis section of my thesis. After watching a 5 min video on the matter, I got inspired to write a blog post.

Here is the main point from the video that I turn into questions  :

  1. interpreting your findings, what does it mean?
  2. What is important?
  3. What are the majors themes the emerge from the data?
  4. What connection can you make with other findings? (Reintegrate your lit review)
  5. What’s your problematic? (Bring back the research question at the beginning of the chapter)
  6. What is the structure of your analysis? How are you going to organise all this? (This will help your reader to understand what you are trying to do here)
  7. what is your contribution? (bring something new to science)

I am going to go and answer those, I am sure it will help with the section of the thesis.


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